The 196th Light Infantry Brigade Association was formed in 1985, at a national reunion in Washington, DC. The reunion in Washington was the first of many reunions held every two years. Reunions have since been held in Cincinnati (1987); Boston (1989); Chicago (1991); Denver (1993); Nashville (1995); Washington (1997); St. Louis (1999); and Gettysburg (2001); The 2003 reunion was held at the end of July 2003, in Branson, MO; the 2005 reunion was held in San Antonio, TX.; and the 2007 reunion was in Kentucky; 2009 Buffalo, NY, 2011 Seattle, WA; 2013 Washington, DC; 2015 Daytona Beach, FL

The 196th Association is registered with the Department of the Army as the only official organization recognized to represent the former members of the 196th. The Association is non-profit and non-political, with its main purpose being to promote camaraderie between former soldiers of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. It accomplishes this aim through the publication of a semi-annual newsletter, maintenance of a computerized locator service, and the organization of the national reunions. The Association also supports hospitality services at veteran functions and "Shows the Colors" wherever possible.

The 196th Brigade was an active Army unit from 1965 to 1972. As many as 20,000 soldiers served in its ranks during this period. Its assignment was Vietnam service, and it was the last combat unit to leave that country. The Brigade was decommissioned upon its return to the States. The Brigade suffered more than 1200 Killed-In-Action, and many more wounded, during its years of combat duty. It is to their memory and help that we are pledged.

The Brigade was reactivated 26 May 1998 during a ceremony at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii. The new 196th works with Reserve Component units in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, and Japan, to assist these units in staying trained and ready at all times.

Membership is important to maintain the organization. All officers of the Association are elected by the membership, and serve as unpaid volunteers. Mailing and administration costs are paid from membership fees and donations.

The current officers are: President: Mike Timmerman (President196"at"196th.org)
Vice President: Don DeGain: (Vicepres196"at"196th.org)
Secretary, Dave Eichhorn (Secretary196"at"196th.org)
Treasurer, Dave Eichhorn (Treasurer196"at"196th.org)
Chaplain: Rev. Ed Griffin (Chaplain196"at"196th.org) 317-850-4339
Newsletter Editor:
Ken McKenzie (Editor196"at"196th.org).


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