Date February 27, 2008 - 07:21 PM

Name McGee Location Ky

Message Hugh T O'Connor, XO to F.A Narone. I remember one time we found a

hospital in an old French Chateau; Hugh T came out in a LOH along with a

line company to help us secure and seize items. The LOH took fire but he

hung in there. Hugh T was a West Pointer and a hard charger. I would like

to see him, what is his age and where is the fall reunion. After I got hit I was

transferred from Recon to S1 and because I had 1 1/2 years of law school

when drafted, I became the legal, casualty and awards clk.


Date February 27, 2008 - 01:16 PM

Name joseph genereux Location ormond beach florida

Message amen!!!at last we have come to a solution. i left the unit in june to deros. lt.

klein assumed command of the unit. what transpired after that is all new to

me. i was only speaking of the time frame dec 69 to june 1970.i also

remember the loss of the cypher machine, we sent patrols out looking for

it.and yes, there were many booby traps that were placed on the hill. it was


Date February 27, 2008 - 09:54 AM

Name Ben Buehler Location NW Iowa

Message Thanks Ty. When I left the field at the end of April, 70, I thought Bn CO

Nerone was going to let me ride out the rest of my tour on Hawk Hill. But

that changed when Coleman came, I got sent to the OP. In a converstion

with Bn XO Hugh O'Conner last year he said it was his (O'Conner's) idea to

send me out there. I have tremendous respect for the man I knew as Major

O'Conner. That is another whole story. Plan to see him at the C 2/1


Date February 27, 2008 - 09:37 AM

Name Ben Buehler Location NW Iowa

Message Joe, your 50 cal almost got me C-M, later story (not your fault, in fact I owe

you one, you were unknowingly my salvation). The most famous story I

know of Hill 251 was when Charlie Company was waiting for the cipher

punch. On approach it fell out of the Helicopter (back in the saddle area).

We searched til dark but never found it. I was told years later it was the only

cipher punch ever lost in the war and it was found later on a dead NVA


Date February 27, 2008 - 09:14 AM

Name Ty Harper Location

Message Regarding Ben Buehler's statements about OP 251. I have to agree with

Ben. In Jume, Ben was at OP251, I was his company commander

(C-2/1)and he had been assigned that duty by the Bn Co. I was with B Co

when Dwight Swiebolt (sp) was CO in Nov '69. I went to Charlie Company in

Dec '69. My recollection is OP 251, then called Hill 251, was used

frequently as a logger. In fact, we stayed on it a couple of days one time

and ran patrols from it. Lt. Klein was CO of B then... great guy.


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