Date January 17, 2009 - 01:46 PM

Name Dave Twombly, Sr. Location Chicago, Illinois, USA

Message I'll try this once more for my buddy Ray Camplin. Anybody out there

remember PFC Raymond C. Camplin A co. 3/21 1971. Ray says he

"turned out the lights" in the old Nam and has a certificate to

prove it and I saw it so if anybody remembers old Ray let me know. My hat

is off to every single one of you guys that served. God bless you all and


Date January 17, 2009 - 07:02 AM

Name James Wilson Location Union ILlinois

Message Robert Moerschbaecker so glad you poasted I have been looking for you.

So far I found animal, greenseed, Roy Little, Nance, Motter and a hoast of

outhers. Will try calling you soon.


Date January 16, 2009 - 11:06 PM

Name Roger Burge Location Louisville, KY

Message Hi Guys,<br>Just ran across this site and thought it would be nice to see if

anyone is around from the ole &quot;Bush Beating&quot; days. I was with

Company &quot;B&quot; 1/46th from August 1970-August

1971.<br>Unfortunately on Maryann the night of the sapper attack. Freddy

Lemieux, Steve Johnson, Rich Johnson, Steve from Boston.


Date January 16, 2009 - 06:43 PM

Name Gene Hutmaker Location Monmouth Junction NJ

Message Mike Halpin...I was in C 2/1 for basic at Devens then placed in D 2/1 after

basic. My Brother-in-law is Dom Suppa of C 2/1 and I went to high school

with Fochesto, Bucco and Maffucci. Yeah I remember my guys in D 2/1

telling me the tortures of the E &amp; E course - I lucked out of of it due to

being on K P that day and I was not rescheduled for it.


Date January 16, 2009 - 12:53 PM

Name Mike Halpin Location 21 Schenck Avenue

Message Mike Halpin - I served with Co.&quot;C&quot; 2/1 196th Bde from May 1966

to May 1967. I am looking for anyone who went through the Army Security

Agency Tactical Training Course at Ft. Devens during late June or early

July of 1966 before we went over to Vietnam. I want to see if anyone else

was tortured with electric shocks and put on the &quot;Apache Pole.&quot;

E-mail Tel - 516-570-6377 Home Address

- 21 Schenck Avenue (Apt-2AD), Great Neck, NY 11021


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