Date January 29, 2009 - 01:10 PM

Name Frenchie Co C 4/31 68-69 Location California

Message About hte nco club in Chu Lai...managed to get there once with the

guys...its dark and dingy as expected...after a short time there, a guy goes

around whispering something...comes to our table and says..."training

films, if interested it will be $1.00(?) i forget the amount...of course he

meant Porno flicks...we stayed....not an academy award performance on

films....they were natives...that was my only experience at the NCO club in


Date January 29, 2009 - 12:39 PM

Name terry lambart coyle Location austin, texas

Message I was with the 196th from feb 14 1967 to feb 14 1968 and was a supply

jerk(sic) typist with hq/hq det . I started out in Tay Ninh with some of the old

guys and remember the experience as one of the highlights of my life. I

met some of the greatest characters who ever wore od and have never felt

closer to a group of individuals in my all my years since. What the hell

happened to the world while we were fighting the good fight? I'd like to

hear from (?) who ran the officers club with me in chu lai


Date January 28, 2009 - 07:37 PM

Name Michael Smith Location 7 old bridge lane, Little

Message <i>Jim Gray and Jim Storey;</i>Thank you for the clarification,

been a long time and memories fade. I was suffering from Amebic

Desentary and couldn't leave country sick. I finally got a buddy to give a

stool sample for me and he passed so they let me go home. Thank God we

all made it back to the world. Were either of you guys in Operation


Date January 28, 2009 - 12:22 PM

Name James D Meyer Location Celina,Ohio,USA

Message correction was in nam from dec 70 to jan 72<br>served in the 196th 3/21

from mar 71 to jan 72<br>i guess thats why they say i am disabled i have

PTSD<br>and crs (can't remember scripture)


Date January 28, 2009 - 11:15 AM

Name James D. Meyer Location Celina, Ohio, USA

Message served 196th 3/21 a co 1 ptl<br>gary nordmier larry fetchik terry

fultz<br>contact me<br>jdm6meyatyahoodotcom


Date January 28, 2009 - 11:11 AM

Name James D. Meyer Location Celina,Ohio,usa

Message &lt;b&gt;&lt;/b&gt;served in Alpha Co 1st plt. 3/21.from march 70 to jan 72

Looking for terry fultz,<br>larry fetchik, dale schluckbier, gary nordmier.

please<br>contact me jed6meyatyahoodotcom


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