Date April 06, 2009 - 11:20 PM

Name Lloyd Martin Location Austin, TX

Message The two photos of mine that are in John Mansfield's book Twenty Days In

May plus some others are posted on the 31st web site. I added discription to

picture showing Nui Lon.<br>31stinfantry(dot)org/


Date April 06, 2009 - 07:29 PM

Name Richard A. Moore Location Indianapolis, Indiana

Message Ed Freeman is coming for you. He's not Medi-Vac, so it's not his job, but

he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire, after the Medi-Vacs

were ordered not to come. <br>He's coming anyway. <br>And he drops it in,

and sits there in the machine gun fire, <br>as they load 2 or 3 of you on

board.<br>Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire, to the

<br>Doctors and Nurses. <br>And, he kept coming back.... 13 more times.....

And took <br>about 30 of you and your buddies out, who wouldn't have

gotten out.<br>November 1965, Ia Drang Valley<br>Type in &quot;Ed

Freeman&quot; into your search engine for the rest of the story


Date April 04, 2009 - 05:35 PM

Name Bill Location Bluegrass

Message Seeing the reference to grid coordinates &quot;BT&quot; reminded me that

on the horn we referred to that as &quot;Big Tits&quot; rather than Bravo

Tango........memories, some are better than others, but I suppose they will

be with us forever.....


Date April 04, 2009 - 09:14 AM

Name Bruce Reynolds Location Canton, Michigan

Message &lt;b&gt;&lt;/b&gt;Cousin Jack Dance was KHA 1-18-69 and 3 other

members of 2nd PLT, B co, 3/21 were WHA. They tripped a Boobie Trap at

grid BT149242 as they were moving out of Night Laager near NUI LAC

SON toward a pick up zone to be moved to LZ Center. Found these facts

from the Bn and Bgd Duty Officers Logs. Jack had been in country for 2

months. If anyone can add anymore info to this it would be greatly

appreciated. I spent 14 months with 9th div., 25th div. and 720th MP.


Date March 30, 2009 - 10:39 PM

Name Dempsey wilson Eason Location Pfafftown NC 27040

Message Trying again to find guys 1/46 lz Mary Ann, Louie Gersalia,Larry Luce and

myself are going to the reunion in Buffalo. It will be our first 196th reunion.

hope to see some of our brothers. I found Roger Burge on this site hope to

find more. Wish good health to all.


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