Date December 21, 2010 - 02:37 PM

Name Scott Smith "Doc" Location Lake Tapps, WA

Message To "Jiffy Pop" - Doug, how about some golf soon? Just had a

40th year reunion with 1970 2/1 Recon guys, but haven't forgotten 4 event

filled days with B 2/1 in late May/early June 1970. Hope there will be a

good turnout for the reunion in Seattle. I'll be trying to put together a

salmon fishing trip for those interested. Doc


Date December 21, 2010 - 12:24 PM

Name Norman P Cantrell Jr Location 60 Lester Ave.Apt 408

Message Ya'll supported us 2nd Ballation 94th Field Artilery at Firebase Birmingham

in 1971-Vietnam and I used to go on Mine Sweep with ya'll.Back then I

was Tall an Skinny and one time,I think we went to an open field to pick up

body parts from a Helicopter that they said exploided in the air and I was

wondering if anybody remember this or me.I remember on mind sweep one

time,somebody put a Red Flare in the creek beside the road we was


Date December 21, 2010 - 10:17 AM

Name Tommy Dale Hottle Location Clinton Township

Message Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my brothers of B Company 3/21

Americal 69-70.


Date December 20, 2010 - 08:17 PM

Name Gene Hutmaker Location Monmouth Junction NJ

Message Mike... I was in C 2/1 during Basic - went to D 2/1 Mortar Platoon in AIT

under Lt Wicks. I had the good fortune to be assigned to the rear

detatchment/advance party detail. Us in this detail flew to 'Nam via stops in

Alaska, Kyoto Japan then Saigon. Spent our 1st night there in a warehouse

of empty coffins. Note; My brother-in-law D Suppa was in C 2/1/


Date December 20, 2010 - 12:59 PM

Name Larry Furr Location Oakboro NC USA

Message Wishing all the 196th A 2/1 A very Merry Christmas and a very happy New

Year, the 3rd herd as we were called.miss you guys,you were the best

friends i had.Especially good old Buck Lawhorn,whom passed away in

1978.His son is serving in Afganastan,wishing him well also.May God bless

each one of you who served in Nam in the 196TH Americal.


Date December 18, 2010 - 11:23 PM

Name Jeff Baca Location Morro Bay, Ca.

Message Served as medic with B Co 4/31 196th from Feb 68-Aug68, reemembering

all my lost brothers {16} Bless them All!!! Jefff Doc Baca


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